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Full Version: Contravening Red Traffic Light
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First post here, hoping someone might be able tooffer some advice.

I've received a NIP today (25/09) for the above alleged offence that occured on 15/09. First of all, I was not driving as I was at work, the mrs was driving, she recalls driving on the road on the given date and time, so no dispute.

Along with the NIP is also 3 photos showing the contravention, a copy of the camera callobration certifcate showing last callobration in 01/08 and next due 01/09.

Other information includes the following.

Y29 - Time amber light displayed before changing to red (2.9 seconds)
R016 - Time red light had been displayed when vehicle crossed the sensors after the stop line (01.6 seconds)
025 - Offence Number

Are the timings correct for the amber displaying? what is the chances of challenging this, the mrs isn't denying this as such, but she was sure it was still amber when she crossed.

Thanks in advance.
Hotel Oscar 87
Your OH's claim that the light was still at amber when she crossed is not unusual and understandable. However, such claims are usually based on the last view that the driver had of the light closest to them before they crossed the junction creating a delay between them losing sight of the light and actually crossing the stop line. I would suggest that this is what she means and the 1.6 seconds that the red had been illuminated for before she crossed the sensors (stop line) could easily be lost in this delay.
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