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To all,

To keep this simple and straight to the point.

I received a NIP on the 23rd november 2006, the alleged offence is dated 14/11/2006.

This was signed and forwarded identifying the driver to the central ticket office in manchester, a photocpy was taken.

On the 30th January 2007, a second notice was posted by the GMP. This was again returned to GMP identifying the driver together with a letter confirming the orginal notice was posted, a copy was enclosed and that i was happy to provide the information again. No reply was received from GMP.

I then received a summons dated 09/05/2007. I returned the summons by fax, together with copies of above NIPs and letter.

However, I missed the hearing date on 03/08/07. I discoverd i was found gulity in my absense when i first received a notice fine and collection and later a letter from dvla to say my license would be revoked.

At this point, I had moved homes temporary due to serious repair works. I wrote a letter of appeal to the courts under my new address.

Unknown to me, i learnt later (april 2008) that the case had been re-opened and I had missed the date 13/11/2007. No post was received from the courts regarding this.

At this stage i have now moved back to my orginal address where correspondence was continued to be sent by the courts and dvla.

On 08 August 2008, i wrote to the courts again requesting appeal and citing my reasons clearly, namely miscommunication between the courts and myself (re, the temp address change). Again I forwarded copies of all the paper work.

I received a reply on the 18 Aug 2008, saying that the case was orginally listed for a re-hearinf after appeal, but i had missed the date and, I was outside the 12 month scope for appeal. It suggested I should ask permission form the crown court for appeal.

How do I compose this letter of appeal to the crown court. Any advice would be most appreciated.

I thank you all in advance for your assitance.
Pete D
If you license was revoked it implies your were within the 2 years period so what has the FPN for was that 3 points on top of 3 you already had. ? What was the charge on the summons.
How did you manage to miss the last hearing as you clearly new the date. Pete D
I only knew the date, after I asked the courts to fax the documents they had posted out and had received. This was done before drafting the new appeal in August.
Pete D
Explain the points and the revocation. Pete D
You might want to try asking questions politely, rather than demanding information...

If you are convicted of an endorsable offence and fail to surrender your licence for endorsement, the DVLA will write to you asking you to send it off to them for endorsement. If you fail to do so, it will be revoked. The effect of such a revocation is that you will not lrgally have a driving licence, but will still be able to drive for 12 months after revocation.

Andy, you will find that my orginal post is clearly polite. The bulk of the post are only key facts. Its is clearly sincere of any advice offered. I apologise if you are offended.

The advice you pose i believe is irrelevant to the content of the post. I understand the points you make fully.

The orginal summoms was issued for failing to provide the identity of the driver for the alleged offence.

My license has been stamped by GMP, after a routine stop, to be expired on 13 october 2008.

I apologise again, if my post appears to be insincere.

Thank you,

My response was to the post before mine.
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