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Full Version: Nto Received Nearly 5 Months After A Pcn Was Issued
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Long story; but my sister (yes, her again huh.gif ) parked on a pay&display, 2 bays before a handwritten sign that stated that parking was suspended on that day only, on the nearest bays by the bus stop; this sign had an arrow indicating which bays! So she got a herself a lil PCN and then wrote them a letter of complaint on the 31st/March.
On the 6th/May they sent her the 'challenge refusal' and on there, they say that if the fine wasn't paid by the 20th/May, an NTO would be sent; this was received in the post around the 23rd/Aug!
She has some rather dark mobile phone photos of the sign, but I'm not sure if it'll help her or not; I'll try to get those on here too.
In the mean time, I posted scans of both the PCN & NTO as well as their refusal letter and hope someone can give some advice on what can be done at this very late stage.

they have 6mo to follw a pcn like this with an nto

nto is invalid

fettered right of apeal with regard to TWOC which they explain (incorrectly) as only stolen

they have attempted to limit you yto only one greound - unfair

the dates are screwwed up 'within 28 days' is wrong as this adds an extra day (as per als bar
v westminster) and soesnt accord with the fixed date given (whcih should only be a presumption
and not stated as fixed)
PCN is also bollox, no?

"Must be paid before the end of the period of 28 days". What period of 28 days?
PCN is a dud. Good spot there Dave.

I see they have it correct on the rear of the PCN. I don't think that will save them.
Neil B
NtO also has a 'presumed' date of service as they give a fixed deadline (probably too long) for response. effectively miss-states the true legal position.

It does not actuall describe the 28 day period or make any mention of it - just gives a dated deadline.


Sorry teufel. just noticed you had already said so.

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