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Full Version: Wrong Colour Vehicle Mentioned On Witness Statement
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Hi Guys n Gals

Very briefly, I was stopped by an Officer at the side of the road back in March. He claimed I was doing 52mph in a 30mph zone. I didn't dispute this as he said he had calculated it with a lazer gun.

I have just received the Summons but it says my vehicle was Silver, when in fact it is Black. All other details are correct.

Does anyone think I may be able to argue on court that the gun was in fact pointed at another vehicle entirely? It was early evening and visibility was clear and the road straight with no obstructions. There were other vehicles on the road travelling in my direction.

Your help would be GREATLY appreciated as I am appearing this Thursday.

I had 6 points at the time of the offence, although I now have only 3.

Do you think (if found guilty) I face a ban?

Many thanks!
The Rookie
52 in a 30 is unlikley to end in a ban, although the guidelines say a ban can be considered, I've not heard of one until you get to at least 27 over the limit.

The officer didn't calculate your speed, the laser device did, he just read what it said on it.

The wrong colour, of itself, is unlikely to be considered 'reasonable doubt' you would need more than that to get a not guilty verdict.

Fines have just increased, your looking at a fine of 150% of your weekly take home pay (after tax/NI ONLY) with a discount of 30% of the total for an immediate guilty plea, so pleading not guilty will cost you 45% of your weekly take home if you loose - is it worth it!

Another point to mention though, at the time of the offence you had 6 points, so 52 in a 30, unless the standard 3 points and £60 fine is offered, is just within the 6 point guideline, if this were to go to the magistrates court. You could end up with a 6 month ban after totting.

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