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Full Version: Car Impounded.
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Today I parked my car in a road near the tube station (out of utter laziness admittedly), but when I returned this evening it had vanished. Three police officers were passing by, and as at that point I thought it had been stolen, I approached them and explained the situation.

The police officers made a few phone calls and ascertained that my car had been impounded for blocking a kerb, but the simple fact of the matter is it wasn't. The house I parked outside had two driveways, and a raised kerb between them, which I parked alongside: both driveways were accessible. I explained this to the police, who stated that it was their opinion that my car was legally parked, and was not causing any obstruction - they gave me their names and shoulder numbers for the impounders to contact if they were still disputing.

I have called the impound and they have stated that it will cost £200 to release, plus £40 if I don't pick it up by 3pm tomorrow, and an extra £40 for each consecutive day.

Some advice on how to proceed would be appreciated. Also the car is registered to my mum (I'm a new driver), so I assume she would need to be present upon picking it up?

Thanks for any advice - I know I have made a couple of threads on here in the past couple of weeks so apologies for being a pain in the arse!


get all the paeprwork when you collect and post it here (front and back)
with personal details removed

get photos of where u parked and post them

measure the section between dropped curbs and also your car length
I went to pick up the car today, and having paid the £200 release fee the lovely gentleman stated that I would also have to pay the PCN or it would not be released. I thought I had 14 days...? Upon asking for his name so as I could complain upon appealing, he promptly removed his name badge and placed it in his pocket.

Is this legal? Can I no longer appeal this now?

you have to pay the pcn with the tow charge

u can appela both

see my post above
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