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Full Version: Camera Van On Road With No Warnings
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alex g
i very stupidly drove towards a camera van today at a speed i would suspect was above the posted limit (30mph)... i'm not sure how fast i was driving at the time when it first could have seen me, but i suspect it might have been +/-40mph (my fault, no excuses etc etc).

the road does not have any speed camera warning sides on it... can a van simply set up shop whereever it wishes?... i presume that it can, but wanted to check anyway.

thanks.... (just got to wait now to see what happens... the van did have it's back window open and closed up shortly after i arrived (it was parked across the road from my house)... i guess he got his 'quota' for the day and went off for his next 'session'.
QUOTE (alex g @ Wed, 13 Aug 2008 - 17:32) *
..can a van simply set up shop whereever it wishes?

Pretty much. And their presence does not require to be visible, conspicuous, signposted or advertised..
Pete D
They no longer need to have warning signs before the area or even have markings on the van. S you say you'll have to wait 14 days or so. Pete D
alex g
thanks all...

serves me right... but annoying nonetheless...
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