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Full Version: Think I'm Going To Loose My Licence!
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Hey all. Really pleased I've found this site - seems like a mass of information I'm dying to know right now.

Situation is, I was driving in a new area, came round the corner in a 30 MPH limit and saw Mr Policeman stood next to his motorcycle with a Laser Gun on a Tripod.

I can't lie, or make myself sound innocent, because put simply, I'm not - I was doing closer to 50 MPH.

I wasn't pulled in at the time, which I thought was quite unusual. It didn't look like Mr Policeman had set up the laser gun to record, it was just on it's own on a tripod. So I assumed I would be pulled in.

Then I realized they don't always have to record the evidence - a personal statement by a Police Officer is all which is needed.

I've only had my licence 6 Months - And I've heard speeding this much can result in a court summons, and at least 6 penalty points. This would mean I loose my licence.

Dying to know answers/or advice. What are my chances of getting away with a FPN? I can deal with 3 points and £60!

Thanks for reading, Dan
Wait and see if you get an NIP first.
Cheers for that. I guess it's all I can do at the moment. Just out of interest - what would be the most likely outcome? Points and fine wise? Am I being stupid expecting just the usual FPN - 3 points and £60.

Cheers, Dan
Under 50mph in a 30mph limit qualifies to be dealt with by Fixed Penalty.

50mph and above and the guidelines suggest summons.
Transit man
If your speedo indicated 50mph, in all likelihood your true speed would have been nearer 46 due the built in under reading of speedos by the manufacturers, therefore (hopefully) putting you into 3 point territory.
Hi all. Thanks for the replies. Really apreciated.
Will let you know if and when I get a NIP through the post.

Best wishes, Dan
Michael Gibson
If not attended, MAP be ANPR...
Thanks for the reply. No it wasn't ANPR - They usually use vans for that in this area, my brother was stopped before because his car was showing as no Tax on the DVLA Database.

Still waiting for the NIP.

Cheers, Dan
Hey all. Thank-you for the help on this. I really appreciate it. It's been 3 weeks now and I still haven't heard anything. Maybe for some reason I have got away with it.

Thinking back, the road was busy and there was lots of traffic on the other side of the road. I'm thinking maybe he couldn't get the laser lined up on my car.

Although relieved I haven't heard anything, I am slightly worried. If the original NIP has got lost in the post, then in 28 days I am going to have a letter "Section 172 - Failure to provide information as to who was driving" ohmy.gif

Cheers, Dan
If the car is registered to you at your current address and there's no one who could've misplaced the NIP when it was received or anything like that then you should be fine. Take this as a lesson that you should slow down a bit, especially as you're a new driver (i.e. 6 points = ban) and in 30mph zones.
Thanks for that. I was driving my Dad's car at the time, we live at the same address, and the car is registered to him and has been for about 5 months.
He's been checking the post everyday, and he would've told me if anything had arrived.
Looks like I have been lucky for some reason.
A lesson learnt for sure. Slowed right down and been sticking to the speed limits everywhere since - Much to the annoyance of other drivers (Tailgating me).

Cheers, Dan
Let them get as annoyed as they like. They can play with their licence and their lives (and unfortunately other people's lives).
Yea that's true. I know I'm the one who was speeding, but I'm taking this as a lesson learnt. It could've been even worse. If I would've killed someone, I would have the death of them on my mind, and a possible prison sentence for death by dangerous driving.

Besides, the past few weeks, I've enjoyed taking everything much slower, driving at the speed limit, and no rushing about.
At least driving at the speed limit, I don't need to worry about being caught speeding, and the chances of crashing are less too.

Also going through this, has made me realize how much my licence means to me. I'm NOT going to risk going through this situation again..
Glad to see you have taken the correct attitude to speed awareness, i was in a simalar position as yourself a while back and i have got used to driving within the speed limit , i now realise that the speed limit is the max and not a target , i also do third gear in a 30 and find it easy to stay within the limit . You do not need to constantly looking at your speedo as your engine sound after a while tells you your speed , my wife and kids are more relaxed in the car with me and i feel a lot more aware of my surroundings and my highway code as improved (past my test in the eighties ) as i find myself checking all the signs a lot more than i used to .As for tailgaters the soon realise that you are not going to budge so i just pull over slightly to let them know i know they are thier and they can pass at any time they like , i put a sign in my rear window in the begining saying 6 POINTS ON LICENCE PLEASE.. PASS AND TAKE MY NEXT THREE . It worked .
Exactly! That is exactly what I have found the past few weeks while driving within the speed limits. I stay in 3rd gear and feel much more relaxed and in control of what is going on. I'm always looking at my speedo and stay in 3rd gear while driving within a 30MPH limit. That sign is amazing! I have actually considered doing the same kind of thing in my car!
Thanks for the reply.

Best wishes, Dan
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