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Full Version: Clamped Then Impounded
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Hi all

this enquirery is for a mate who has been clamped on private land by a private security firm, my mate says there are signs but he did not see them until after he had been clamped.

the cowboys errrrm security company was demanding £100 release fee plus £20 per day. unfortunatly my mate could not afford the £100 until he was paid at the weekend (5 days after he was clamped). dispite trying several times over the weekend he was unable to get an answer on the number advertised. he finally got through to them this morning, when they informed him that his car had now been impounded and they where demanding £450 +vat, apparently it was impounded yesterday.
my mate was not to impressed with this and after a heated discussion on the phone, billy the kid agreed to settle for £300. my mate has been told to phone in the morning with the £300 and after he has paid it they will take him to where his car is. he refused point blan to tell my mate where his company address was and refused to tell him where the car is.

any advise please asap

I would be tempted to go to the Police and report your car as stolen, and give them all the details of what they said and demand action, without being fobbed off with claims of its a civil matter.

And when you do go and collect, try and pay by CC, and take a camera and get plenty of photo's of your car, their car (inc reg plate) and where car was. And if possible, take a few beefy mates with you wink.gif in case it gets ugly.
when you say pay by CC if poss... would the same apply to a debit card?
No,the money comes out of your account immediately and afaik you cant claim it back.
This is not in Uxbridge area?Do they have a website?
I believe if the company is genuine they should send details of the car on TRACE so the police don't waste their time looking for it. If it isn't then you have reason to believe it is stolen and you are being blackmailed.
Basics to check is if they have a SIA badge
definitely report stolen
If it does turn up and you have to pay, make sure you pay by credit card and obtain a full refund from your credit card company under the 1974 Consumer Credit Act.
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