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Full Version: PAO Ltd and The Arc
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i have received a parking fine from these idiots! i was at the arc in headingley and didn't realise the car park had been taken over by PAO Ltd. when i returned to my car i had a fine. i read their signs and discovered that if customers spend over £10 in arc or trio the ticket money will be reimbursed. i sent them a letter with a copy of my receipt from arc (over £10) and they have discounted this. what should i do? pay up or continue contesting the fine? arc have offered to contact them on my behalf but so far have not been too helpful and i'm worried they will start charging me £3 per day. should i put more pressure on arc or PAO Ltd? this has made me so MAD! i'm absolutely livid that they can uphold the charge despite the fact that i can prove i was a patron at arc and spent money there. can they actually do this? could i try make the arc cough up?

many thanks for your help!
Neil B
Don't do anything !!!!!!

Read FAQs on private tickets and any of the numerous threads about them.
we know PAO well..

Do NOT pay them
Do NOT contact them - thats exactly what they want you to do.
Do NOT worry.
Get on with your life

All you have is an unenforceable invoice. read the PPC FAQ
and some of the many threads here about PPCs.

It is a Con. the PPCs know how their Con works and they know how it
. So do we smile.gif

There is NO need to worry at all.
Just read the threads here and try and find a case where it is has ended
badly for one of our advised 'PPC victim' posters..
When you get fed up looking for one the reality of the situation and the
strength of your position will sink in.

Once you have your head around it tell ALL your friends about this Con and
how to handle it.

You will very likely get a series of letters full of misleading bluff and bow
locks. just keep them in the drawer. They are all just landfiill, let the PPC
waste its money sending them.

To make it go away do nothing and they will move onto other fish.
Contact them and you get on the hooked fish list and they will pester you.

If you want to do something about it (and this IS a fight back forum)
then send a photocopy of each and every piece of paper you get from them to
local Trading Standards along with a stiff letter of complaint.

If you want to do more wait for the first bow locks letter you get - they
will have spent 2.50 at the DVLA to get the Registered Keeper's details (smile.gif)
write to the DVLA and ask for a copy of the request made by the PPC and the
backup evidence of contract with the landowner (see forms V888/2 and v888/3
on the DVLA website
Then write to the landowner complaining about their
part in this pursuit of unenforceable scam 'debts'. And complain to the ICO.

How far you fight back is up to you but the more that do it the better IMV.
Everything bama said is bang on right

I could add only one thing, write to the overall manager of the site informing them why you will no longer be using them.
Yes, the old LLB (Hons), PGDipLP does tend to put the dampeners on them, doesn't it? wink.gif
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