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South African
On a recent visit to your country I parked my hired car, on a Sunday, in the industrial park alongside Wimborne Market. My logic told me that it would be OK to use that parking because it was empty. I then got a letter from the hire company informing they has charged me £47 vat inclusive for administrating a fine I had received! They said details of the fine were included. The only detail was the PCN number. Of course, being a foreigner, I have no idea what a PCN number is. There was no indication of the size of the fine. I e-mailed them for details and received no reply. I have now received a 2nd letter informing me I owe £176.25 - after the exchange rate that's like half my salary!! From other posting I now realise that if they had informed me of the fine properly in the first letter I would have had the opportunity to pay less - 1/4 of my salary!. I would love to accept the advice of other postings and simply ignore the fine. Unfortunately, if I don't pay they simply charge the car hire company who will have little hesitation in charging it to my credit card which they can do in terms of the contract I signed. Any good ideas?
Cancel/close your credit card account.
what hire company ?

scan the letter you got and post it up. scrub out details that identify you first of course
A few questions:

1. How do you know it's from AS Securi-t?

2. Is there any explanation for why the "fine" has increased so much?

3. If you have it, what does your hire car contract say about paying fines/penalties? The exact wording if you have it would be nice.
like markie said, CANCEL / CLOSE your credit card. This is, if it is from a PPC is a scam. Protect your pocket first, argue later!
the 'ine' from the wimboyurbne people is anunlawful attempt to extort money
with no legal basis (see various posts here)

as such any contractual term which puports to give hire co the right to pay on your behalf
and charge you is unlawful as it is unfair in UK consumer law being an unfair term that it
prejudicial to your consumer rights and interests (see variosu posts here)

your credirt card co has joint repsonsibilty

tell them you are not paying for these reasons
@Teufel, will all of that apply if this was paid with a card issued under a foreign credit card agreement? The OP hasn't said so, but it seems unlikely that he had a UK issued card.
If I recall correctly, the Consumer Credit Acts apply only to regulated agreements made and regulated in the UK. So, it protects a UK credit card used here or used abroad but not a foreign card used here (as it's not regulated in the UK and thus outwith the jurisdiction of the CCA).
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