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Full Version: Stopped by police
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I have had a similar experience.
Tonight I was driving home from my friend's house at about 12.30am, and the roads were very quiet, so my speed crept up to 40 in a 30 zone. As I got close to my home i realised a police car was behind me, and it followed me to my drive where i parked up as usual. I am an 18 year old girl and am very conscious of drink driving, therefore whenever I drive i never drink. The policewoman asked me to take a breath test, which showed up as 0 as I had not been drinking. She asked my age, but not my name or any other details, and left after advising me i need to just slow down even when it is quiet, as there are drink drivers out there who could cause me to have an accident. I don't know now whether I will receive any sort of fine or criminal record or anything of this sort - although the policewoman didnt mention anything like this - as she didnt take my name but she will have seen my reg and also where I live, so I am now quite worried, hence the reason for posting this at 1.15 in the morning!
Could anyone shed some light on the situation?
We seem to be in the same position then!
I have spoken to a few friends that believe that if they were going to take action of any kind, it would be done there and then. I just didnt want to come out and ask them if i was let off just in case they took it in the wrong way.
The people on this forum are incredibly experienced so its an amazing learning process
tihnk you have to be cautioned and supplied with a ticket to get in trouble otherwise you could just state you were talked to by someone impersonating a copper
I didn't want to come out and ask her if I was going to get in any trouble or anything in case it caused more problems, like yourself.
I suppose what the above poster says is right about impersonating a police officer, but I don't know I'm still a bit worried because she might have recorded my address and registration. Wonder if we now have a criminal record haha?! Because surely she must have filled in some form of paperwork...

If the policewoman had intended to take any action (for speeding), it would have been done so there and then.

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