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Full Version: What are the laws regarding speed camera signs...
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Just curious to know what the laws are regarding signs for cameras/mobile sites, I was always under the impression that there had to be signs warning of speed cameras/mobile sites but I have since read on here that is not the case, I found this information on one "safety camera partnership" site...

  • The static camera housings must be yellow
  • The cameras must be visible, not hidden, from 60m in 40mph or less areas and 100m elsewhere
  • Mobile operators must wear high visibility clothing when operating outside of the vehicle
  • The enforcement vehicles must be clearly marked
  • There must be camera warning signs no more than 1km before the camera site
  • Signs must only be installed where enforcement takes place
  • Site locations must be widely publicised.

The Rookie
Requirements for visibility/signage that would (if contravened) be a defence:-
1/ Zip
2/ Nada
3/ Nothing
4/ Zilch
5/ naff all

Basically their are DFT guidelines for visibility but they are meaningless in law.

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