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Full Version: 103mph on the M180
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Hi all

Today at about 14.30 I was pulled up by a marked patrol car that had been parked in one of those 'police vehicles only' areas at the side of the motorway. The officer asked me if I knew why he had pulled me over and I said it was probably due to my speed. He then showed me his hand held gun that had recorded my speed as being 103mph.

I know this is bad and at the time I apologised to the officer who then informed me that it may help my case if I actually made the effort to attend court dressed smartly rather than plead guilty by letter and be just a name on a sheet of paper.

I was just hoping that people on the forum could give me advice on how to handle the coming paperwork, things to say to help my case and what kind of punishment I could expect to face also will I need to use a soliciter etc...

Thanks in advance.
Depends how much you want to get off! To be honest you're looking at a fine plus at least a 14 day driving ban, you probably want to present a mitigation statement and I would suggest getting on a driving course that will provide a written assessment for the court. ACPO guidelines are a 2.5k fine and 56 day ban for the magistrates, so more than you can show in mitigation the better!

All the best
There have been plenty of cases on this board where people have received 6 points and no ban for higher speeds than yours. The officer is correct to say that if you appear suited and booted, respectful and penitent, youhave a good chance of getting just the 6 points and a fine of a couple of hundred pounds.

They would consider a disqualification of 14-56 days, but this is by no means a foregone conclusion. Do you have any points at present?
I got caught doing 99.3mph on the M74, and as per process got the letter instructing me to attend court or plead guilty by post. I decided to plead guilty by post, as in my eyes I was guilty and didn't see any point in attending court to be told that. In my guilty plea I pointed out that I was totally ashamed and embarressed by the ridiculous speed I had been stopped for, I also mentioned how proffesional the officers who stopped me were, and stressed that they treated me with respect and courtesy. I also explained that I am a person that believes in being pro-active, and that since being stopped i tend to use my cruise control when driving on the less populated motorways and on the more populated motorways I have a speed alarm that beeps when I hit 70mph.
The result was 4 points and a £250 fine

Hope all goes well for you, and if you are like me you will be a better driver
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