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Full Version: Speed reading from Falcon radar
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Hi everyone,

Just seeking some information about the ways in which a Falcon hand held radar can be used.

The background is that I have just been stopped for 46mph in a 30 limit. The police office who stopped me had taken the reading through his car windscreen while seated in his car. Is this a legitimate and accurate way to use one of these devices?

Many thanks.
The answer to my own question appears to be in the ACP guidelines, page 45, i.e. thats not how it should be done!

Not sure how to proceed now!
Pete D
How are you going to prove that he operated it through glass. Are you sure he did not use it with his arm out of the side window. What aspect was the police vehicle WRT the road. was it raining. You will need a lot of facts to prove this. Tell us more, much more. Regards Peter
The brief reply is that he told me he did, also did a demo for me. Also the ACPO guidelines state "must be operated by an office on foot, not from a vehicle".
Pete D
I carry a dictaphone in all my cars and this is why, you just press the record button and stick it in your pocket. This is outwith the Code of Practice but whether you can prove that he was in the car is a different matter. I appears you did not actually see him then he pinged you, you are only going on that he said. Tell us more, were you cautioned, issued a NIP ot a HORT1 to produce documents or did he say you will recieve a summonds. Pete D
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