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Hi, signed up here on behalf of somebody else who would really like some advice.

He got caught speeding back in November and recieved a summons last month, which allowed a plea by post.

He was doing 102mph on the M6 towards Carlisle, however the Police recorded the wrong colour of car, and the wrong time he was actually recorded speeding? He has proof of where he was at the time they have stated.

Today he recieved a letter explaining there is to be another hearing to discuss the possible disqualification from driving, and if he does not attend this one a warrant will be put out for his arrest or they will ban him in his absence.

Just some advice if you could folks please smile.gif
there is an awful lot of information missing, and by the sound of it one or two court appearances, suggest he appears at court and pleads not guilty then gets more advice.
He was on a pre-booked holiday for the first court appearance, and the second he recieved today. He had the option to plea by post instead of attending, which he did, but has no been order to have another hearing.
The only bit i can think i missed out is that he was caught by VASCAR?
The Rookie
The errors, depending where they are recorded, are probably not fatal to the prosecution (are they in FPN, summons, officers statements?).

I assume he plead guilty? If so he's been required to attend as they will be considering a ban, for which he needs to be in attendance.

Had the trial, got 6 points and a £330 fine, which in my opinion he did very well!
The Rookie
That's about average for 102-105 on an mway.

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