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Full Version: ticket in the post?
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turned up at pay and display car park but had no change so risked it for 30 mins - came back and there was a warden taking details of the car. I drove off before he issue me a ticket but am I right in thinking it will just come through the post now? I wasnt hanging around to get details of any signs etc. but will go back if a ticket arrives.
Did you try to prevent him issuing a PCN? Were you threatening towards him? If not he won't be able to issue by post.
Keep an eye on the post for the next month just in case they try it on.
depends where u are

if decrim under TMA 2004 if the officer has started but u drive off thy can serve by post

if under 1984 regs then they cant

if private then they cant do anything (but they can try)
ok cheers, I'll keep an eye out (although I will probably be away for a couple of weeks just when it pops through the door!).

I think it is a council run pay & display - he was writing something down on his pad when I got in the car, he mummbled something, I said "have you done?" to which he said no then walked away and I drove off sharpish.
Just wondering, how do they prove you drove off after they started writing the ticket?
difficult - the onus is on them to prove

usually they take photos first then start input on electonc machine which times it
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