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Full Version: Can I challenge my PCN
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Sam Ecott
Hi everyone,
I'm hoping someone out there can tell me where I stand as I'm getting confused.

On 12th May I was issued a PCN in Essex (Uttlesford) for:

Parked or loading/ unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/ unloading restrictions are in force.

I was issued with an instant ticket with the observation time being between 14.53 and 14.53 i.e. instant. The sign where i parked said that between 2.45 and 3.45 pm there is no waiting and no loading. My question is what if I was unloading? Shouldn't the CEO have carried out observation before issuing the ticket, which according to Uttlesford council should be 5 minutes?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

there is no grace period - one may be given to support the evidential claim
agaisnt a counterclaim of exemption eg loading etc

howverit would appear that loading is retsricted at location anyway so even if you were
it is still a contarvention
It would seem a fiar cop guv, but it's worth posting the PCN on here as the wording is likely to be defective.
Sam Ecott
I thought so, I just wanted to see if there is a defined difference between unloading and loading. The reason for the one hour restriction is because there are two schools within 50 yards and so it is there to stop parents using it to park when they pick up their kids between 2.45 and 3.45. I just think this is pretty unfair on local businesses, such as where I work.
Unrelated, what annoyed me most was I got ticketed at 2.53, so 8 minutes into the hour of enforcement, yet the CEO buggered off after catching me, the only car, and 20 minutes later i counted 13 cars that used the zone to park and pick up their kids and get nothing! I obstructed no- one and get done, and the parents cause havoc and by that time the CEO has done his 10 minute bit of work for the day!
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