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Full Version: Anyone help?
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I was pulling out of a car park, and to gain some speed I kept it in a low gear an revved a bit. I got a bit faster than I think I was a little over..I'm not entirely sure. But because the engine was revving, they looked, saw me, clocked my registration and as I looked in ym rear view I saw them still turninglooking at my car.

Could they possibly get me for speeding? I wasn't much over the limit if any - it's just the revs I mad most noise with?
Probably just clocked your number, will get you pulled at some point and have words with you about the manner of your driving. Be polite. Be humble. Say sorry - a lot. They will probably send you on your way, but they will mark PNC and be looking out for you in future. Driving lesson 1 - day 1, don't drive like a pratt in front of coppers! cool.gif
Erm, whats a PNC?
Police National Computer - we're all on there somewhere !!!!!!! cool.gif
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