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Full Version: Just been nicked :(
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I was do 40 in a 30, brake light was cracked shining white light on the reg plate and the coppers run my reg through the computer.

I only have a prov licence and was riding 2up on the bike.

They siezed my bike, i can collect it tomorrow,

They also gave me a 60 pound fine for riding other than within the accordance of the licence.

On the ticket he gave me he ticked the box saying that my bike was not a manual vehicle. Also on the ticket he put the wrong location of where he booked me.

How does this affect the ticket, and the points and the fine?

Cheers for any advice

Being on a provisional licence, please learn to check your bike (or car) before you drive it; it only tyakes a few moments to make sure your lights work and your tyres are street legal, it's safer for all concerned and may stop you getting killed or killing someone else. It also gives the BiB less reason to stop you.

You don't say whether they have nicked you for speeding, presumably only for the showing a white light to the rear which is not endorsable.

They often get details wrong on the FPN and seem to get away with it.
If you have been ticketed for speeding as well (you have not made this clear) a roadside pull is very difficult to defend.
I have 2 slips.
1 for riding with a passenger on a provisional licence (this has the vehicle as an automatic)
1 for the seizure of the vehicle (this has the wrong location on it)
The Rookie
QUOTE (7159keith @ Thu, 8 May 2008 - 09:03) *
The errors on the FPN will be correctable under the slip rule. If you have been ticketed for speeding as well (you have not made this clear) a roadside pull is very difficult to defend.

No they won't, the slip rule relates to errors in the courts paperwork, however when it gets to court the FPN will just be a piece of paper, with no more evidential value than any other piece of paper, the error is unlikley to constitute reasonable doubt on its own, therefore the error is still p[robably of no assistance to the OP.

Went to the station today, had to wait for 4hrs until there was somebody with access to the database aws on duty.
went to pick my bike up and have noticed damage on it. the right side indicators are broken, the tank is dented in 3 place and the exhaust is dented in 3 places. Who do i approach about the damage to my bike?

Zed Victor One
Presumably the bike was seized for the offence of driving other than in accordance with your licence, but who removed it and how?
Most police forces use a contractor for their vehicle seizures, the police have a duty of care for your bike while it is in their custody. It may be that the contractors become similarly liable once they recover the vehicle although they are agents acting on behalf of the police so I would start with the police.
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