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Full Version: HGV speed limit
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Transit man
Just a query to a sign I have noticed recently. Whilst traveling on the A55 in Brumstons(sp) North Wales, I noticed that the dual carriageway in places states that the speed limit is 70mph, a clear figure 70 & not a national limit sign. The limit in my Transit on a DC would be 60 & an HGV over 7.5 tonnes, 50, so does this override the law? I doubt it.

I assume that knowing North Wales policy on taxation & indiscriminate persecution of the driver that this sign is a "honey trap" designed to catch the unwary van or lorry driver & I suspect the cameras are set to distinguish the size of vehicle to optimise their income/revenue.

I suppose the same goes for the times when a single carriageway, NSL suddenly becomes a 50 limit, to me that means no change, to an HGV driver it means "I wish, I'm still limited to 40!"
Transit man
Just been reading the thread "NIP for doing less than the speed limit!?" . Pretty much answers all my questions

Michael Gibson
Is a 70 roundel in TSGRD?
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