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Full Version: Rental and Private Parking 'charge'
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Hey all,
have had a rental vehicle whilst mine is being repaired, and managed to pick up an 'invoice', whilst the paperwork states about parking 'fines' am concerned they will try to colar me for the £40 invoice, any advice on what to tell them (the rental company)? I.e they can advise them I was the registered keeper at the time, but not pay any invoices?

Given the invoice for parking in a staff car park, badly signposted, small sign at the entrance in very large car park, then only small signs advising about parking at your own risk!
Need to check the T & C's on the rental form BUT you should inform them ASAP that this is not a legal charge and they should not pay; and it should be referred to you
the parking at your own risk sign (if thats what it said) is unlawful
as it an attempt by the landwoner to limit their negligence including death and personal injury
which is not allowed

it is certainly enough to void and contractual claims by them
But that would only cancel a contract where they could only recover damages in the first place though wouldn't it?
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