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Full Version: parking ticket with wrong details
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d o dub
so yesterday i got a parking ticket in bedford and went to pay it online last night, however i noticed on the ticket issued that they have wrote my registeration down wrong (they put r755 *** instead of r745 ***)

surely this would make the ticket invalid?

Is it a council ticket?

It doesn't make it invalid, although there is a small chance they wouldn't be able to send you a Notice to Owner because they wouldn't have the right address from the DVLA. Chances are slim though if it's only one letter out and they have your tax disc details though.
i think it does make it invalid - the VRN is the official vehicle designation (as we kno make/model/colour arnt neded and can be wrong ) and so the pcn fails to state the contravention
since it alleges a different vehicle

moses v barnet places a high burden on civil penalty notices to be correct

secondly if the mistake is from the start (rtaher than a transcription) then they will not trace you

It is an invalid ticket. If the VRM is wrong then the ticket has to be cancelled due to 'Parking Attendant error'.
What happens when they have a photo of the car, with correct plate and they obtain the correct details from the DVLA?
The system is automated.

The CEO/PA downloads his terminal daily and PCN details are transferred to the councils system. If the PCN is not paid within 28 days the reg deatils are obtained from the DVLA and a NTO issues to whoever comes up as RK. The photos only come into it if you challenge the PCN or NTO.

Now in our case the CEO/PA recorded the wrong details. PCN is not paid within 29 days. Now 2 things can happen.
1. The reg recorded does not belong to another vehicle registered in the UK. End of story PCN is wrote off as an error.
2. The reg recorded relates to another vehicle. The RK will receive the NTO and he/she will challenge on the grounds that the contravention did not occur. The council will then check the photos and see their mistake and PCN is cancelled.

In both cases, the council will not be able to issue a new PCN due to being out of time.
d o dub
Cheers for the help

the reg they wrote down does belong to someone else i beleive (entered it into auto trader scanner thing and came up with another car)

it was issued by a private company acting on behalf of the council i beleive if it makes a difference

what action should i take if any at all? should i call them or anthing or just let it blow away in the wind
If it was issued by a private company then you don't need to pay anyway. Read the FAQ's for reasons why.
What makes you think the private company were acting on behalf of the council?
If issued by a private company acting for the council it may well be valid. Is it issued under the Road Traffic Act 1991 or The Traffic Management Act 2204?

Scan the ticket so we know what we are dealing with?
I'd say the PCN does not conform to regulations

(c ) the registration mark of the vehicle involved in the alleged contravention

The registration mark of the vehicle involved in the contravention was not stated and therefore the PCN is non-compliant. Even if it an obvious mistake we know from R v The Parking Adjudicator (ex p Barnet) that prejudice is not required. Non-compliant is non-compliant and no financial liability can arise.

OP, can you post up the PCN anyway (minus personal details)? It's always nice to see which councils are putting out invalid PCNs, even if all the inputted data is correct.
d o dub

Sorry i could only get a pic with a phone camera... ill try get a better pic if you really wanna see it

it says in small print "the enforcement authority is bedford city council. in all other cases the enforcement authority is bedford county council with bedford parking services acting as its agent"

also its The Traffic Management Act 2004

It'd be nice... might always be more errors on it, which can only help you.
Let us know what happens.
I have the same situation, my registration has a "3" and the PCN from last week in Richmond Surrey has an "E".
I plan to wait and see what happens, I'll let you know too.
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