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Full Version: Speeding FPN error
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I'm a newbie.

A friend of mine was stopped speeding in a 40 limit. He was given a FPN, however the policeman who stopped him noted down his number plate incorrectly.

He is now trying to rebut the FPN on the grounds that he doesn't own the car with the number plate shown on the ticket.

I think this is a bit of a tenuous argument given that he gave his name and address and proved his identity with a cash card to the policeman

Any thoughts?

depends on the error, if it's out by one or two characters then no, if it's a completely different plate, then maybe.

I think what happens is, your friend would have to plead not guilty, he will be summoned to attend court. The mistake will be realised, the court papers will be amended, the case will contiue with the correct details.

Yours friends defence will be blown away.
ok thanks.

It is just the one character
The Rookie
The error on the FPN becomes irrelevant if they summon him, as its then just a piece of paper that is evidence, if he doesn't want to accept the FPN he MUST actively decline it, if they then get the summons/officers statements correct the error on the PCN is irrelevant, if they can show they have the correct driver ID, then even if the summons and statement are wrong they can be corrected under the slip rule and he will still be found guilty.

thats what i thought.

I suppose there was no chance even if the error was fairly major as they hadn't use the car's registration to identify him.

He did that himself! huh.gif
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