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Full Version: can you advise on my next move.
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right hello all you very helpful people,
on the 17th jan i took dekivery of my new car and was left with my old car as i did not trade in,so i asked around about selling it and was given a number to call and ask for dave the trade,i phoned him and he offered a fair amount for my car so i sold him it.then on about the 2nd of feb i got a nip off merseyside police for the car i had sold for speeding . so i wrote to them saying i had sold the car to a trader and did not know his name and address and i was no longer the keeper of the verhcle and had sold it on the 17th of jan. i have now just got a nip for failing to furnish the police with driver information under section 172 of the rta....anyone have a idea what i do next regards geoff
when you sold the car, did you fill in all the required bits in the log book to notify the DVLA about the change of ownership. If you didn't, you still own the car and it is your the eyes of the DVLA and the courts.
no i did not fill in the form as i thought for some reason that because it was a motor trader it was different...will i get summmoned to court now or is there any way i can fight it...
Just to be clear is this another NIP you have been sent?
yes first was for the speeding now i have one for 172 rta for non disclosure..
do you have evidence that you sold the car, a receipt, anything that suggests you no longer own the car? Can you prove you were not in the area that the car was done for speeding. If you have this info, then you might get away with it. If you are not telling the truth, then you'll go to prison.

If you are telling the truth, you are now open to being charged with Not Informing the DVLA of a change of ownership, which is a fine (but no points)

Having sold the vehicle that would make you a "person other than a keeper". Basically you only have to give information that is in your power to give.

It's heavy going and a long read but take a look at this:

Take your time and digest its meaning.
Pete D
you said "dave the trade,i phoned him " so let the police trace him via that number. If you do not do everything to assist you could pick up 6 points. Do you bank statement show you paying in a sum of money the day after the sale ? Do you have a witnes to the sale. Can you prove you where not in that area when caught. Pete D
here is the actual content of second letter....

dear sir/madam
i refer to your recent correspondence in relation to the above notice of intended prosecution and note your comments.

It is important that drivers make every effort to comply with traffic regulations to increase road safety and reduce the number of serious and fatal accidents.

for future reference,it is essnsial that you are able to identify who you sold your vehicle to.

the matter must now be dealt with by way of summons to court,under section172 of the road traffic act 1988,for failing to furnish the police with driver information.

yours faithfully
i still have the phone number for the guy but got no answer when i last phoned,ps i have been on holiday and got back last night with this other nip waiting for me... should i give them the phone number
should i give them the phone number

Yes. It is information that is within your power to give.
got hold of the guy today.well he says i have notifyed dvla as new owner and he is aware of who was driving the car on the date and did get flashed also he has given me his adress and told me to give it to the scamera what happens to me now just a failing to notify dvla fine? thanks all
The Rookie
Just give the scammers all the info in your power to give, they won't usually bother reporting anything to DVLA.

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