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I have just been looking at one of the PPC websites and noticed they are taking credit card payments over the web and this has made me think, if the merchant they use for credit card payments was to receive a number of complaints about the scams demands and general criminal acts these companies get up to would this be enough to have their account removed an possibly their bank accounts closed as no bank would like to be knowingly associated with criminals.
Wishful thinking unfortunately! Credit cards companies only want to make money, as demonstrated by egg taking cards off legitimate customers last week.

A credit card company just see xx clampers ltd. taking a payment from J. Bloggs. They aren't interested in the whys or wherefores.

Anyone trying to get money back on a dodgy purchase over £100 from a credit card company will appreciate this. It took me three letters, stating the law on this issue, to get money I was legally entitled to from a credit card company last time.
Alexis, you're right in practice of course, however Steve is also right that the Merchant have a responsibility. Do we know who the merchant is in this case?
Might be worth getting their website investigated by their hosts. Post up their website address and we can take a look to see if there is anything incriminating or unlawful on it.


I am sure I don't need to point out the flaws in the website
Interesting..... I see one of their clients is Rotherham Magistrates Court?

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