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Full Version: Incorrect Make and Model
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Hope someone can help!

I was issued a PCN by a traffic warden (as it was on a red route) I was in a red box which allows 20 mins parking, however I didnt realise it only applied to the hours of 10-4. I was slightly outside of this time.

When I got home and looked at the PCN, It looked like I'd have to pay, so I jumped online to pay on TFL's (transport for london) website, when the information came up on screen, the make and model of my vehicle was incorrect. The traffic warden had it down as a Vauxhall Astra, whereas my car is a Honda Civic.

This information is not shown on the actual pcn placed on my car by the traffic wardens hand held PDA (it does have the other usual information, date, pcn number, vehicle reg, road and time). The make and model is only shown when Im on the TFL website at time of payment, however the make and model is incorrect. I haven't made the payment yet.

Should I pay, or is this ground for representation, and would it be successful?

Thanks for any help
If you go to "askmid" and type in the registration number on the pcn, if the vehicle is insured, it should then give you the correct vehicle make and model.If it is different to yours then maybe you can use this as a get out clause, but I cannot guarantee it will work.Obviously if the issuing officer has the registration correct, then he must have seen the vehicle, unless your number has been cloned.
incorrect make and model of car would not be sufficent to get the pcn cancelled, best thing to do is scan and copy it onto this thread, wash all personal details off though including reg no.
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