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Full Version: Can anyone help? Summons for DWDCA
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Hello!! ohmy.gif
I have searched the forums but cannot find any info on driving without due care and attention. I have received a summons and am due at Court on Valentines Day (lucky me)! I need some advice about what to say in court etc but am not sure if anyone here can advise me??


Could do with a little more information, not enough here to work with.

Post again with detailed string of events, also do nip wizard using extra info button on page 2
Thank you, description of accident is as follows;

It was 12pm on a Sunday afternoon, the end of june 2007. The weather was awful, it had been raining heavily all morning but had just stopped. Altho the roads were still very wet.
I was approaching a dual carriageway (70mph limit) on a slip road, there were no cars coming from behind on the dual carriageway or anyone behind me on the slip road. I was doing approx 45mph, I adjusted my steering to enter onto the dual carriageway but the car slipped over a puddle and went to far, so I tried to adjust in the opposite direction, we span slightly hitting a car ahead.
My car suffered some front end damage, the car I hit had no damages and no-one was injured. I called the police to the scene. I was breathalised and statements were taken from all parties including my 2 passengers.

Following this after the statements had been taken the police officer mentioned that another accident had happened at the same time as mine higher up on the slip road because of a diesel spill. This was mentioned ''off the cuff'' by the officer and so neither I or my passengers cottoned onto what she had said until we discussed it later that afternoon.
I do not know if I too passed over that diesel spill, but I would have thought it was likely.

I intend to plead guilty purely because I cannot afford a solicitor and do not want to put my good friends thru the trauma of attending court and going over the accident again, we all just want to forget about it.

I am going to attend court because I want the Magistrate to see that I am a respectable young woman. My Mitigating circumstances are that my license is clean from the date I got it (6 yrs) i've never had a parking ticket or a speeding fine. My car is fully serviced every year and had been 3 days before the accident. I now hate driving in the rain, I am paranoid about it happening to someone else or me again because I now know how easily it can happen!!
I want my license to remain clean!!!

Does anyone have any advice as to what to say/not say in court???

The Rookie
As you intend to plead guilty, just turn up suited and booted, looking sensibly contrite, and talk when spoken to (you'll be told when you vcan - no-one is out to trip you up) make sure what you say is purely mitigation rather than sounding like your trying for a not guilty verdict (I've seen that backfire badly) and its likley you will get just 3 points and a fine of about £100+costs (from local experience).

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