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Ok guys,

Here's the story, I was caught doing 57 in a 30(unlit four lane road over 500m from the nearest built up area) I have not had my license for two years yet, so 6 points is all I have available. I found this site a day late and handed over my license in the back of the car. The Court Summons arrived today and Im thinking of pleading guilty. What should I realisticly expect the outcome to be?
fill out the NIP wizard to see what actualy went on.

Why did you hand over your licience ?

did they offer fixed penalty
I tried the NIP wizard but It didnt work.

I handed over my license because It was the first time i had been stopped, I didnt know you wernt supposed to.

They didnt offer fixed penalty because it was nearly twice the limit.(it happened in Scotland)

Im just not sure what to do next.


Try this site It say if you get six pints and then you have you licience revoked

and 20 -30 over a 30 limit usualy gets 6 point which is why they took your licience.

i dont know if you can get the ban put off becuase of exceptional hardship through loss of licience or if its just automatic. though some one here will know ( please advise)

You may be able to convince the court to give you less points if your really sorry, completely out of character ect.

i know it seem a daft question but are you sure that road is a 30 limit there cant be many 4 lane unlit roads with 30 limits even in scotland.

Its worth going and looking at the site again ( slowly) to see if its properly signed as theres no street lighting this has to be done to quite a high standard

and though its grasping at straws check the speed limit order with the local authority

There is info on this site on how to check both of these this if you go through the threads or some one chip in with the links

it could be important what vehicle followed you its not unknow for them to issue ticket when they have not got calibrated speedos.

so [put down as much info as you can ( try the wizard again) and see what people think
You get stopped by a marked or unmarked car that was following you in the dark?
The Rookie
While the advice is to not hand over your livence, in reality it makes little difference...

Unless you can find another way out, plead guilty, turn up suited and booted, tell them how sorry you are and how foolish you feel, tell them 6 points would mean loosing your licence so can't work, take disabled mum to the shops (whatever is true and appropriate) and ask that they consider only giving 5 it right and they wil probably do just that!

Hi all,

I got the results in today, 57 in a 30 (unfamiliar road in traffic) I plead guilty and took it on the chin(I wrote a letter explaining the circumstances). - see my previous post for details.

4 points and a £150 pound fine.

I'm relieved because im still on the probationary period, 6 points in two years or a resit, my job is car dependant.

I just thought I'd drop in and let you all know the actual penalty.

I'll have to take it easy for the forseeable future, a leason learned.

Best Regards

The Rookie
Congrats thats a pretty 'soft' penalty for the alleged offence (anyone would think you were a mugger!) and backs up my reckoning that there are definately times when its best to take it like a man!

well done hope to have similiar luck did you attend court ???
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