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Full Version: Pleading Guilty By Letter
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Afternoon all,

My first post on the forum so hello.

My case for speeding was heard today in Dunfries Court at 10:00. I plead guilty by letter and sent off all the relevant paperwork via post in plenty of time. When or how will I know what action the court has taken against me?

I was caught doing 103.6 on the motorway so was looking at a ban. I'm due to go to Iarq in three days with my work and explained all this in a letter to them and the requirement for a licence. Just wondering what will happen now.

Thanks for your time.
i would prepare for a year 350 + fine anything less is a bonus

i am in same boat done for 112mph
Prepare for a year? To hear back from the court? I don't understand, sorry?
I think he means a 12 month ban...
QUOTE (martin43 @ Mon, 21 Jan 2008 - 16:34) *
I was caught doing 103.6 on the motorway so was looking at a ban.

Its odd that you weren't required to attend for sentencing. Under normal circumstances, a defendant must be present if the court is considering a period of disqualification.

QUOTE (martin43 @ Mon, 21 Jan 2008 - 16:34) *
When or how will I know what action the court has taken against me?

Phone the court tomorrow, first thing, and find out..

I was under the impression that if I was doing 30-40 mph over the limit in a 70, the normal consideration for a ban would be between 14 and 56 days?

A one year ban would seem a little on the heavy side?

Also, the court summons gave the option to plead guilty/not guilty by letter.
if you are to be banned for what ever length of time, then you do have to be in court to receive the ban. As soon as the bench say you are banned, you're banned from that time. So, if you're not in court, and banned, then in theory you can be charged with driving whilst disqualified from that moment on (if you're caught).

It might be too late, but I would have gone into court, taken the ban, gone out to Iraq, by the time you got back, then ban should have been served. What might happen now, is the case will be adjourned to when you come back, then you will be banned.

Phone up the court and ask what happened. In theory, a ban does suggest you have to be in court.
The Rookie
As has been said, for them to ban you you either have to be in court or have legal representation there so that you don't drive after the ban, this is when it sometimes helps not to be there as its easier to close your case with points and a fine than drag you back in for a ban!

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