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Full Version: 2 PCN's paid but baliffs want more money
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I have 2 pcn's one was back in may 2006, which i paid £30 via the phone system 30 days after reciving the PCN i paid via the automated phone system, it asked me to pay £30(even though the price should have been £60, as it had just gone over the 28days) on my car. i have heard nothing since.

Now in July this year i get another parking ticket, which i havn't paid until now, as i forgot about it, then got a letter a month ago but had no money until a month ago, again i paid via the phone system and it told me to pay £90, so i paid £90.

Over the last 3 weeks i have been recieving letters from the councils baliffs Collect Services Limited, telling me i owe them £146 for the first PCN (over 1hear and a half old), and £360 for the second PCN (this years ticket) these prices are very odd, and i am very annoyed that the council or the phone system hasn't even contacted me or informmed me that i owe them extra money. i have emailed the council and they just sent me an email saying : they are collecting outstanding fee's due on penalty charge notices, the amounts include fees and expenses incurred by the bailiffs.

Secondly, my ticket this year has a time of 00:12 ? is there a law as to how the time should be displayed ie 12hr or 24hr ? as i was parked there in the afternoon not midnight (had to sign on at the jobcenter) and i am sure this should not say 00:12 as a time ?

Finally the parking bays appear to be illegal according to this website ?

Am i too late now that over 28days have passed, lol
I`m sure the experts will be along shortly but in the meantime can you post a copy of the pcn`s (both sides)hiding i/d marks,reg no/bar codes etc.There is a possibility that the first will not be compliant(due to the two dates issue)if you no longer have them contact the council and ask for copies.
Was payment taken? If so, your credit-card statement is evidence that payement was made at the time and they are persuing debts that are not owed. Put them on notice for harrasment and informe them that you will hold them liable for your time & expenses if they continue.
Bernie the Bolt
Have you had anything else (NTOs, Charge certificates etc)?
Do you still have bank statements showing the transactions?

I think your first step is to contact the bailiffs and say that you paid these tickets when due on the councils automated systems and heard nothing since.
I no longer have the first PCN, as this was well over a year ago, and i never recieved anything else regarding that PCN ( i had moved address within this time), but my car details (v5) have allways been updated

Yes the payments have both been taken from my card, i can probably find statements, as i have been reclaiming my bank charges, so have all my bank statements.

The 2nd PCN, i recievd back in July, but only paid it this december, and the phone system told me that i owe £90, so this is what i paid. Again i have not had a notice to owner or charge certificate. i had a letter which in september saying i have to pay the £90 and they are preparing to register this with the traffic enforcement center at northampton county court, to avoid this make immediate payment of the outstanding amount £90, if the debt is registered at the county court and payment still not recieved, a warrantmay then be issued to baliffs to recover the debt. (dated 26 Nov 2007), i paid as soon as i could afford it 12/12/2007, i called the automated payment system, and it told me to pay £90, i made the payment, and the money came off my credit card. This PCN the baliffs claim i owe them £360 for !!!
yeah thanks for not helping, useless forum
Wayne Pendle
Cheerio then! mind yourself on the way out.
Bernie the Bolt
I wonder what part of:

"I think your first step is to contact the bailiffs" he didn't understand?
Wayne Pendle
This in part, is why I don't really contribute fully to forums anymore; too many ungrateful barstewards who EXPECT you to fight their tickets for them only then to never see them again or having spent weeks helping someone, they don't follow the advice given only then to have them crawling back later because they've cocked it up. If I'm honest, the genuine people end up helping themselves and only need to be steered in the right direction.
Hear hear wayne I totally concur.
QUOTE (aleeex @ Tue, 8 Jan 2008 - 18:23) *
yeah thanks for not helping, useless forum

this site saves people from been ripped off every day.including me. but some people just don.t just want help they want you to do it for them.bye bye
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