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Full Version: Conviction without summons
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I received an NIP back in June 2007 for driving a company van at 82mph on a dual carridgeway (so 60mph limit).

I have not replied to the NIP in any way (maybe wrong decision but too late now)!

I have moved twice since then and updated my DVLA details each time and have this week received a letter from DVLA saying that I have been convicted of an endorsable offence at xyz court and that my license was not produced so I now have to post it in so points can be added.

It does not mention how many points though. Will they tell me if I ring?

I was expecting a summons to go to court but was not expecting this! Will the fine turn up later or will I have to contact the court? As I have not received a summons I had no idea that there was a court date so could not defend myself.

Do I have any option other than to pay the fine and take the points?


Ok, I do know of someone who has been in a very similar situation. In their case they ignored all the correspondence and just continued to drive as if nothing happened. As you've already ignored the court summons and hearing it may be that a warrant has also been issued for your arrest. Don't worry too much though, this is mainly to scare you into paying the fine and making sure you surrender your licence.

If you are like my friend, you could ignore the request and play dumb, although eventually the odds are you will get stopped by the police and you will have to deal with it and pay up at some point. As long as you mention you didn’t receive the summons or NIP because of moving address etc they will probably take this into consideration.

It really depends whether you want to pay the fine now, or be difficult and make them chase you for their ill-gotten gains. It also depends on how many points you already think you might have (they may have slapped you with 6 points for not turning up and failing to notify). The choice is yours; I personally think that appearing in court in the first place would have definitely been the better option but good luck!

The Rookie
All the paperwork will have gone to the original address the NIP went to, you will need to find out the court where you were convicted and make a 'statutory declerations' to the effect that you did not recieve the summons and they will set aside the verdict and reopen the case.

HOWEVER as it stands you will almost certainly be found guilty of the S172 offence, so depending what the penalty is, it may not be worth bothering with!

Thanks for your input guys.

I have found out that only 3 points were awarded but the fine was pretty high (for me) at nearly £400 plus admin costs.

I have contacted the court and am going to do a stat dec as mentioned above and see what I get after that.


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