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Full Version: Mobil radared at 47 in 30mph I am RK of car in UK but a non resident and have non EU licence
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re Hand Radared in London at 47 in 30mph, I am RK of car in UK - but a non resident and have non EU licence

Hi, I am, now, non resident in UK but keep a flat and old car in London.
I drive on a non EU licence that I got by surrendering my UK licence to DVLA.
The police man checked car details and asked if that was my address. Well, I said yes but I have two addresses one overseas as well.
He wrote the London address on on the ticket. (my mistake not getting overseas on ticket!)
I took all correct paperwork to police station within 7 days.
They did not 'take' my foreign licence.
I faxed saying that I was 'confused' as ticket said I could only pay fixed penalty if I surrendered UK licence which I do not have and that the ticket had my 'wrong' address as a driver.
They faxed back saying my options 1. pay fixed penalty or 'request a court hearing' .
Seems the Met police, dealing with the ticket have not liaised with my local police and so assume I am regular UK licence holder (as even though UK licence is 'cancelled and exchanged' it still appears probably as a sort of ghost on with DVLA).
I phoned Met police pointing out their error as I have no physical UK licence. Sort of hoping somehow with the confusion with addresses etc the whole thing may get lost in the system. They said that as the fixed penalty now 'not an option' and that I should 'request a court hearing'. She said it would take six months to get to court.Incidentally once she realised they did not have the correct details she went from being friendly to v officious and said she could not help anymore!
I requested any notifications be sent to my overseas address.

My questions are please, (as I see no obvious grounds to contest the radar reading);

Why would I 'volunteer' a court hearing? Is there a benefit?If I do not what happens next?
Is there a time limit for them to issue a summons?
Given the confusion what is the likely it will get dropped/lapsed?

What is likely outcome
1. If I request court and admit guilt?
2. Or just forget it all and hope it fades away and it does?
3. Or it goes to court in my absence?
4. What best to do?

I much appreciate any you have comments as the Met police gave me an extra 9 days to -
'request a court hearing'. Thanks in advance
Even though you don't have a UK license any more, the lovely DVLA will create a ghost one for you to put the points on if you do apply for one.

You will get a fine and points, but the points won't really count for anything.
Hi, Thanks,
but my main question is now -
should I opt or 'volunteer' - a court hearing - per the Met's fax's suggestion or what if I just wait to see what happens?
Is there a benefit to 'volunteer' ?

Given the confusion of addresses I hope it get's lost in the system - what chance??

What is the likely fine or points even though they do not 'count'?

Thanks in advance - all help much appreciatede

Not sure what to advise however I thought I'd point out that as a non UK resident technically you are almost certainly NOT entitled to take out insurance here.

It's possible you may have arranged some cover through a specialised broker, there are some who offer it but it's usually by "bending" the rules to a greater or lesser extent, and if you have something like this then I apologise. If you have got it through a mainstream company using your UK address however YOUR INSURANCE IS INVALID and whilst you'll pass an ANPR check or roadside pull if you have a bump your insurance company could walk away leaving you to pick up the pieces.
The Rookie
Yes, you need to actively take the step of asking for a court hearing or you are guilty by default and they will chase you to pay the penalty.

Sangamoura, read again, he has a UK address, as he has a licence valid to drive on in the UK he can validly get insurance as long as at no point he lied during the application process.

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