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Hi Folks,
Got my first ever parking ticket, and I am somewhat bemused by the meaning of the sign and road markings. My PCN was 23. "Parked in a parking place of area not designated for that class of vehicle" I was somewhat confused by the sign, because it did not explicitly say no cars were allowed, it only said parking time operations for the buses, also the road markings appeared a bit odd, because there were car park bays marked and then a simple dotted line with BUS as well as a yellow line running across the bays. In my opinion the signs were abit ambigious for me.

Here is the sign:

and here are the bay marks within this bus park

Yellow lane markings were present too as shown below?

I have done some investigation and I am wondering is that Parking Sign even legal as it does not appear to conform "Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002" with reference to Schedule 5 - SIGNS FOR BUS, TRAM AND PEDAL CYCLE FACILITIES

Please see attached picture below, it seems to suggest there are NO permitted variants on the sign.

What do you folks think? I would like to appeal against this, because I know for sure, for the last 5 years I have never seen a bus park there, and it w was only recently changed from coach drop off zone to bus i.e the markings and the sign seems unclear.



Parrot of Doom
If you could return in the daytime and take pictures of the area, including the bays, that would be a great help.
There is quite a lot of confusing signs in Manchester.

As you enter the centre from Cheetham Hill the CPZ signs that should be in pairs are different.

In your case. The ticket implies that only buses can park at the time you parked but the signs dont make it clear that other vehicle cannot. Did you pay and display?
I parked after 6.00pm, this is when pay and display is not used, pay and display if I remember correctly is from 8.00am until 18.00.

I will returm during the day and try and take more photos.
The lower sign would imply that any vehicle may park if they pay and display at any time, as it is seperate to the one with the bus on.
A further thought for this crazy parking thing, if one had bought a ticket at 17.50, 10 minutes before pay and display finishes, the car parking ticket is valid until 8.00am the following day?
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