Hi Everyone.

This is my first post! I found this site following some web research after I received my first ever PCN on Friday.

To briefly summarise, I am a ‘park and ride’ commuter, who uses the local metro system to get into Newcastle. As I start early, I am fortunate enough to be able to park for free, in a small car park. This car park has roughly 20 spaces, and has double yellow lines everywhere except for the spaces themselves.

It has signage that says ‘parking only in marked bays’.

I received the PCN for contravention 24, ‘parking outside marked bay or space’. I wasn’t aware that I had parked over the line, but if I had, it will only be by a matter of inches. Certainly, I was in no way causing an obstruction and on this occasion, I feel that they are purely trying to line their pockets. To this effect, I’d like to investigate possible points which may help me get the PCN cancelled:

1 – the contravention code is 24. This refers to on-street parking. I parked in a car park. Can anyone point me to the definition of on or off street parking, as I am struggling to find it. I have googled and also looked on this site. Surely this contravention code is wrong? I believe that the contravention code 86 – ‘Off street- Parked beyond the bay markings’ should have been used.

The problem is that I am unsure if it is officially a car park. There is one way in and out, it is off the main highway but it does have double yellow lines everywhere except where the spaces are. It seems to be a hybrid!

2 – Can anyone point me in the direction of a) the legal size requirements of a parking space within a car park (I have seen the 1032 ruling, but this refers to on-street parking) , b) the requirements for signage within car parks. I am quite happy to go there with my tape measure and check it is correct.

3 – As a final query, doesn’t signage have to state that a fine will be issued if a contravention is committed? Most town centre car parks have the penalty charges listed alongside the parking fees, but this car park makes no reference to fines. So theoretically, I should have been advised that I could be fined before parking there?

In the meantime, I have written to the council to ask them to provide me with evidence of my contravention. As I had driven partly away before I noticed the ticket, I cannot even be sure that I HAD parked over the line. The PCN states that this ‘photographic evidence’ is available on their website, but there is no buttons or input fields (to recover the evidence) of any sort.

If I had parked on a grass verge, or caused an obstruction, I would just pay the fine without question, as I would know I am in the wrong. On this occasion though I feel like I am being unfairly treated by a group of thieves!

For reference, the PCN shows a 'date of notice' and a 'At (time) on (date)' marking on it, so I guess I can't get out of it that way. All obvious details such as the make, model and registration seem correct.

The fine is £60, with the reduction to £30 if paid within 14 days.

I have pics of the car park, the space and the PCN itself, so if I can work out how to get pics on this post I will add them.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks,