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Hi there,

Last night i was driving thorugh hatfield in hertfordshire at roughly quater to 9, where i travelled towards a stationary police vehicle with a woman aiming a speed gun towards my direction.

Being the only one on the road i slowed down however a reading of 46mph was clocked in a 30mph!!!

i was riding a 50cc moped!

although i am 17 im able to do over 30mph and my bike is also capable of.

i was asked for the usual licence n tht... all was handed over.

however 3 points and £60 is not good on a provisional licence. and i am willing to do whatever i can to avoid this.

after looking thorugh my speeding ticket i noticed that..

1) In vehicle details - it has a cross through manual section yes or no ** bike is not manual**

2) In vehicle details - L plates are ticked NO. when actually they were present...

im not sure if this helps. but am extremely desperate not to take these points...

Please help! i have also taken pictures if this helps too biggrin.gif

My email address is

regards miles.
were you doing 46 ?

I would not worry too much about the paperwork not mentioning L plates.
You detresrticted the moped and could be in a world of hurt over that. Maybe its an oversight or maybe the BIB was being kind to you. that does happen. we hear a lot of the horror stories here but there are reasonable BiBs out there, heck some even post here.

your post has clearly identified your case so if any Herts BiBs read this forum. . . why not change the details somewhat.

And use the NIP wizard - all questions.
The Rookie
No NIP for a pull Bama...

If you don't 'accept' the FPN it sound like you've been given, you have to actively decline it, a summons will then be issued that can correct any errors on the FPN, although the FPN is 'evidence' what you say isn't enough to help you.

QUOTE (The Rookie @ Wed, 10 Oct 2007 - 02:30) *
No NIP for a pull Bama...


Indeed Simon, apologies. it was late and I wanted the OP to see how information could be supplied without giving out so much info. but I screwed up !

The derestriction of the bike.......
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