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Advice please!...My friend has had his car towed recently on two occasions for non payment of congestion charges.

While he admits the contravention, he never received any letters or notice that a fine was due. The first time he realised was when the vehicle was seized by bailiffs.

With notice he would certainly have paid the fine. Each time cost £500-600 for just a £8 charge.

Does he have a case to fight back on the basis that no notice was given?

Many thanks.

most probabaly yes

when making pament to recover car he should have been given info on making a claim

i suggets he contacts patas if he has no luck with tfl
First things first
If you have not paid the £8 daily charge by midnight on the day of travel or the £10 charge by midnight on the next charging day after driving in the zone, a £100 Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will be sent to the registered keeper or hirer of the vehicle. In exactly the same way as parking tickets, this amount is reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days.

The following are the formal notices which we are describing in more detail below.

Penalty Charge Notice.
Notice of Acceptance .
Notice of Rejection of Representations .
Notice of Appeal Form.
Charge Certificate.
Order for Recovery of unpaid Penalty Charge Notice.
Statutory Declaration.
Warrant of Execution.

Obviously they haven't gone down that route as you state the only time your friend knew about it was when the Bailiffs came to take his vehicle away.
Ask your friend to ask for copies of all correspondence sent out to him regarding the non payment of the rip off I mean congestion charge
Perhaps the registered address of the car is incorrect.
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