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First of all i wanna say this is the best forum i have come across ever!

and wanna thank all the moderaters!!!

heres my story...

i have been driving my parents car and it was raining and theres a set of traffic lights that change really quickly, i have friends that have already been fined and been given points on the same stretch of road. I was over the speed limit but not by alot, the lights went to amber and i put on the brakes, the car acutally locked up and i slid thru the lights and therefore carried on driving as i was in the middle of the road then...

the incident happened on...19/09/07

i have recieved the NIP on the 28th sept.

The NIP is registered to my dad,(who was at work at the time)
my mum is also insured on this car.
they said they have photographic evidence...

just wanna know should i take this to court or what my next steps should be...???

thanks for your time!
If the NIP is addressed to your dad then it is his responsibility to complete and return the paperwork, not yours.

He should complete the form, nominating you as the driver, and return it to the SCP about 26-27 days after it was delivered.

In due course, you will receive a NIP in your name. When that happens, come back here, complete the NIP Wizard and copy & paste its output into this thread.
It might also be worth asking your dad to write and as for the photo's in order to "aid driver identification". They nearly always oblige.

Do not ask for "evidence" though as you are not entitled to see that unless you go to court.

The photo's can sometimes be helpful.
k so would it be right in first sending a letter asking for the photo to help in identifying the driver, and if the picture is clear to reply to the NIP as me?
The picture won't be clear. They never are. biggrin.gif

It just lets you see what they have got on you to help determine if you should fight it in court or accept the fixed penalty.

If it was you then you will have to say that. Do not lie to them under any circumstances. You can do prison time for telling porkies and you don't want that!
Barking Mad
Make your cheque payable to the Police Orphan fund... and with regard to your obvious criminal leanings, I think you should start off with football hooliganism, followed by mugging OAPs and then progress onto burglary and drug dealing. All of these misdemeanors are treated in a sympathetic manner and may well even get you your own social workier and a few psychiatrists to work on your deprived childhood.

No, no, no! Don't drive a car (or use disposable plastic bags when buying groceries) - you will be tarred as a social misfit and deviant: But if you can't help yourself, I'm not sure whether the Chief Constable accepts American Express by standing order
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