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Full Version: Help! 40mph in a 30mph
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Can anyone help me out here; is it possible to get off this?
I was doing 40mph in a 30mph zone where I travel every day, just around the corner from my house and there was a speed camera van set up on the other side of the road. The area is a 30mph zone and there is a fixed speed camera (which I don’t think has ever caught anyone so I’m guessing its a dummy) located just up the road from this van which is where all the drivers slow down just in case, once I could see the van I slammed on my breaks only to fine out that it was pointless and yesterday I got the NIP through the door.

Is there anyway I can get off? It’s more the points than the fine.

I have been told to ask for or do the following:
1, Is there a calibration certificate covering the last 12 months and was a calibration check carried out before and after there session.
2, Check the road signs on the stretch of road to see if they conform to current legislation (info available on many a speed camera, dvla or police web site).
3, When I request evidence, check that the information you receive is incorrect, i.e. time and date are incorrect (does happen, but usually uncalibrated units).
4, Ask for the evidence i.e. photo

I have also seen on other posts in this forum that if the NIP doesn’t arrive within 14 days it’s null and void. Is this true and could I pretend not to have received it if it is true?

Will any of this help? Does anyone else have any ideas?

Hope to hear soon Cheers Andy
QUOTE (Andy-g-1 @ Sun, 23 Sep 2007 - 23:50) *
Is this true and could I pretend not to have received it if it is true?

It is true, but definitely not a good idea to pretend you didn't get it. unless you like doing bird.

Firstly, you need to establish if it was the camera or the van that got you. it should say on the NIP.
Secondly fill in the NIP wizard with all the details.

When all the details are in any defenses, if there are any, can be explored.
It was the van not checked this but i know because i turned off before the fixed cam so i didnt have to creap past the van at 30mph

The Rookie
Read the "READ THIS FIRST" sticky and complete the NIP wizard please so we have all the info...

You could say you didn't get the NIP, that would be perjury when you tried to give your "credible evidence" in court, and if anyone on here agreed to it, that would be a conspiracy that carries a MANDATORY jail term - so I certainly would never suggest that route, its really a dumb idea.

You aren't entitled to see any evidence until you have plead not guilty to a summons, so no point asking for tha cal cert, besides they are upto speed on these things these days, so I would give you a <1% chance of success!

Check the road signs by all means, but most 30 limits are in a 'system' of street lights, so no signage is required (and no small repeaters legally allowed) for it to be legal.

You can ask for a photo to 'help confirm the drivers ID' to check details on it, but its the time and date on the NIP that are important, if nothing else you get a souvenir for your £60.

Cheers, i will now have 9 points and some are over 4yrs old so are out of date so i can pay again (£22) to have them taken off i suppose mad.gif

Cheers Andy
The Rookie
They no longer count for totting up after 3, no real point having them removed after 4...

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