Advice needed so that i dont sound like complete nonce!

History so far

Caught speeding on the A556 - sandiway, Northwich doing 48 in 40 zone on 13 February 2007 by a GATSO. NIP recd and replied to within 28 days confirming i was the driver. Received summons and returned with a Not Guilty plea my defence being that i did not feel i was exceeding the speed limit. Wrote to CPS asking for calabaration and maintenance records, etc etc. Received a court date set for Aug 2007, wrote to the court 2 days before hearing date advising them that the CPs had not responded to my letter and asked for an ajournment. Wrote to CPS again and Cheshire Constabulary asking for the evidence i required. Received a letter from CPS with a copy of photos that i had requested, but nothing else a letter was attached from the prosecutor advising that he did not have to provide me with any further evidence by law and if i did not agree to apply to the court for an order???!??. I received a new trial date for the 20th Septemeber from the court in the menatime. I contacted the court and spoke to my case progression officer on the 4th September she advised me that the prosecutors actioned seemed unfair and would contact the CPS for me and would get back to me over the next week or so.

My hearing is tommorow and i had heard nothing - i contacted the court today and they have advised me that my CPO is off sick at the moment (great!) they have advised me to attend court tommorow and advise the magistrate that i have not been supplied with the evidence i have asked and see what happens.

Now i stuck! Can any one help me with what i need to do tommorow???