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Full Version: Incomplete details of officer?
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A friend received a ticket at the side of the road and after a quick look I noticed the officer had not put his rank on it. The name and number wasn't the easiest to read and the offence code didn't seem right(I will double check what is written tomorrow).
I asked if it was actually a police officer and she thinks so, just wondered if there was anyway of arguing about it being incorrectly filled out due to the rank ommission, or is it covered by the slip rule?
It was in Cheshire and 44 in a 30, she thought it was 40 limit(it should be angry.gif ), a works vehicle, clean licence held licence for about a year and she signed the ticket at the side of the road. Anybody got any advice that could help her please?
I don't believe they need to state their rank.
The offence code will likely be an internal one - it will be meaningless to you (ie, won't be SP30 etc).
The Rookie
As she has an FPN, she must accept it or actually decline it (ignoring it is deemed acceptance and they therefore chase the unpaid fine), if she declines it goes to court where an errors on the FPN are very unlilkley to be sufficient to be enough to help her fight this in the face of the officers evidence.

Thanks for the replies, she has paid the ticket already, I told her not to make it too easy for them dry.gif but thanks for the advice anyway!

I went past the place today there was a camera type thing on a stand stood next to the police car and one bobby and a cso(really winning hearts and minds eh?) stood next to the car talking to another victim but the camera wasn't manned and to be honest looked to low to be "aimed" properly.
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