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Richards 7

I thought that 6 months after being clocked by a camera you were safe. Hence after this time I assumed I was safe and did not carry on correspondance with this matter. Now a summons has arrived for my wife with a post mark Friday, but the summons is dated 3+ weeks earlier. Is the post system that bad at the courts or is someone 'postdating' the summons so it remains 'in time'. Either way what should I do now??? Any suggestions please

It's quite common for the information to be laid at the last minute (beating the 6 months deadline), the summons then being sent out several weeks later.

Is it related to this case:

If so you really should post back in that thread.
Hey im in the same position I havent recieved a summons yet? though. Was caught on camera 1st of Jan. Does anyone know if this is "Normal procedure" and how long time can they backdate?
They cannot backdate a summons and it is worth checking what information was laid at the date they claim it was laid. There is a standard which shows how much information should be laid down before 6 months, if this is not met then then the summons is invalid.

You may find this from CJM99 helps explain. Have a look at the link. Original post is HERE

Linked Document is HERE

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The onus of proof will lie with the Crown.

You will have to be tried in the magistrates court because the speed indicates that a ban will at the least be considered. (if guilty, you will be).

Enter a not guilty plea, later, you should put them on notice to prove the information was 'complete' and laid within the six months, and explain fully the delay in summons service.
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