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Full Version: Mittigating Circumstances
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What circumstances can be given as mittingating to a court for exceeding a speed limit?

What type of circumstances are acceptable to a court?

Thanks in advance
Hotel Oscar 87
That will depend on what the circumstances of your speeding was and, without doubt, the speed it is alleged you were doing. There is no hard and fast guide to what Magistrates will consider (the operative word here is "consider") as just because you offer what amount to extenuating facts, doesn't mean that they will take them into account. They can completely ignore them. Bear in mind that they will have heard just about every excuse in the book and are likely to be irritated if you trot out a standard excuse.

IME it is often better to appear in person, throw yourself at the mercy of the Court, appear genuinely contrite and apologetic, and simply state that you were momentarily distracted thinking of work/repairs at home/pregnant wife/ill girlfriend/aged mother/father or whatever, and take the b*ll*cking. Excuses are usually regarded as just that.
Didnt one of the football managers get away with desperate need for loo after having had a currie?
Others have used,just testing cars capabilities but i think this only works if you hold a badge!
it only applis to mitigation againts a ban

nothing will stop you getting the first 9 points
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