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Please may I ask your advice...

On Feb 14th I was flashed on the M5 in a temporary 50mph speed limit (road works) - I subsequently received an NIP which stated that I was travelling at 66 mph.

I duly returned the NIP with payment details for the fine and acknowledging I was driving.

The next communication I received (4 months later!) was a Summons from Avon Magistrates court for 26th July. Upon re-reading the photocopy of the declaration I had sent them I realised I had not included my driving license. I wrote to them immediately and said that I thought a summons was rather punitive for an admin error on my part - bearing in mind I had accepted the NIP and provided payment details. I also said that after looking high and low for my driving license I could not find it but I did find a reference of my driving license number, which I told them.

I then received a letter from a clerk saying that because I had already been assigned a cse number I could no longer pay the £60 fine. I was also advised to send back the summons paperwork with a covering letter stating why I "could not pay at the correct time".

Any advice you could offer would be v. welcome. Do I have a leg to stand on? What sort of penalty do you think I might get? I know this is not ther most earth shattering case but it has really p*ssed me off.

Thank you.


Can I suggest that the first thing you do is to apply for a replacement driving licence. icon_idea.gif

Then either write a polite letter to the court explaining you mistake, or attend court on the date on your summons and explain your mistake to the magistrates in person.

If you are lucky, you may get away with the original 3 points and £60 fine.
Thank you, Mika

Yeah, have applied already for a new license.

Do you know if it is normal to respond with a summons without an interim reminder?

Best rgds
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