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Full Version: Unsigned forms - people's experiences
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I've got an NIP from Northumbria which is actually an S172 on one side but cheekily effectively a witness statement on the other side and not just a request for information ie S172. By making it a witness statement they have effectively made it an S9 without saying so. I believe this is illegal and thus have a case for not signing it, because to do so would render it a witness statement, not just the requested information. I think Thams Valley are the only other force trying this on. Has anyone any experience of what they do if you return the form filled in but unsigned?
I have experience of what Thames Valley have done when I've returned the s.172 forms unsigned - but I suspect that you already know that.
If not, here are the links to the two cases that have been dropped so far (still waiting to hear about the other)--
August 2004, Wycombe
January 2007, Shiplake
I would like to point out to anyone thinking of going unsigned that the case of Francis v DPP ruled that you have to sign the response to s172.

Unless you have reason to believe the s172 request is unlawful, I would NOT return your forms unsigned.

The cases mentioned above are examples of when the request was made unlawfully.

TYA, if I were in your position I would try and get on a SAC.
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