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Full Version: Speed Awareness Course in Essex
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Just a quick question: Received NIP a few weeks ago and called to request photo evidence. Person I spoke to was helpful and offered picture easily, awaiting to see this now.

Most importantly was that the person offered me a list of possible outcomes, that being the usual points+fine (S172) if not able to recognise driver, but most interestingly was that the COFP would be eligible (due to the low margin between the offence speed and the limit) for a 'Speed Awareness Course'+fine if I could recognise driver.

As I haven't sent off the S172 yet, I am taking a risk here if I do that this person was fibbing to me and I end up getting 3 points+fine rather than the course.

Question is - has this particular partnership (Essex) offered a Speed Awareness Course to anyone else? Or was this a fib to coerce me into filling out my NIP?
The Rookie
Most areas now offer a SAC (not familiar with Airsix directly), and even when submitting the PACE ws it has been offered (especially by nice uncle Brian in Oxon), but its no guarentee, if you can't ID the driver then its obviously impossible to be offered a SAC!

So my choice is PACE letter + fight, or fill out S172 and hope for Speed Awareness Course. I prefer the latter option because it is less hassle, and I'm only really p'ed-off about possible points, not the fine. That said, I will be happy to fight if the likelyhood is I'll get points despite what the nice person at the partnership said.

Has anyone else here been offered a SAC in Essex for a low-margin offence?
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