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Full Version: Recieved A Letter Stating That Evidence I Have Given Is Wrong?
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Recieved a letter from Cambridgeshire police stating that the evidence i have given in regards to a speed camera is wrong, i stated that my boyfriend was driving which i believed he was, and now they are saying they don't think he was? We worked it out as we swapped half way home and im sure he was driving at the time of the offence? What do i do? They have given me till the 16th to reply with another driver?

Why not write to them and ask them for the photo to aid driver identification?
the truthfulness of your eveidence is for an impartial court

however the police will often seek to correct obvious stateemnts
where they have other evidence ewhich clearly contradicts (in their opionn)
and give suspects a chance to not comit perversion on what may have
been a genuine erorr to avoid everybody wastiung their time

how this rleates to yr case we can onl guess at
so in that case if i reply stating that i believed i gave the correct details, but am sorry for proloning the situation to be resolved and i must have been driving. Will they let it lay or will they take it further?

It is an offence to knowingly provide a statement that is materially incorrect in response to a statutory requirement to provide information. Except where statute provides otherwise, it is not an offence to recklessly, carelessly or inadvertently provide such a statement.

If you have provided incorrect information in response to an s.172 requirement, you will have failed to provide the driver's details, but if it was a genuine mistake (or even simply a case of tossing a coin), it does not constitute a more serious offence.

If I was in your shoes, my first question would be why the scammers think they know better. Whilst it might not be appropriate at this time to wind them up (apparently), I wouldn't admit to being the driver on the basis of what you have told us about their letter.
In completing the NIP you should (i.e your boyfriend) should have known you are the driver.

One might guess that the photo / video may shows a female driving, so I would write and ask why they think you have made a mistake. I would mention the two potential drivers that day and that you both felt he was driving at the time of the offence. Ask for the photo to assit you in clearing up this confusion.

Can you fill in the NIP Wizard to show the dates, existing points and who is the Registered Keeper and who / when the NIP was received? This may affect your next move should the phot show you.

Well i am just confused to why else they believe it wasn't the person i said driving, they must have evidence?
I don't want this to go on any longer, therefore will put my hands up and say i was driving, it could have only been 2 people.
Also will they have contacted the other driver to whom i believed was driving or just contacted me as i am the registered keeper of the car? As my boyfriend is away on business till the 26th and they have only given me till the 16th to reply?
Don't just admit to it because they have written asking if you are certain if it is you.

Get the photos, have a good look at them and correctly identify the driver, don't just guess at it, you could end up in even more bother.
you can say i dont knwo for sure but it was either me or him
if you can back this up with other evidence (especially on paper)
then they cant convict on not supplying and also cannot charge
you both or either on the speeding

the hamilton defence - needs a good solicitor probably

the phot of course may show otherwise - it cannot be used as evidence
of the driver for a speeding charge (the law does not allow camers for thsi purpose)
but it can be used in a perjury or perversion case if you lie
Ok, if i request photos can they issue me a summons ? They have requested that they want a reply by the 16th May and i don't want to go to court, i just want to get this resolved..
Follow andy's advice, type your brief letter up here for it to be checked first if you want...

edit: "Dear Sirs, Your recollection of events seems far better than mine. Perhaps you could tell me who was driving?"
Is this related to the incident where you were driving at 86 in a 70 on March 25th (my birthday) because you felt intimidated?
The Rookie
Hmm an interesting contradiction, time in one of her majesties hliday camps can result from being this silly - and I wonder were Camb's may get their 'evidence' from (hi guys!)

See that was the thing, when we looked back at the time we were a little concerned because my partner completed the drive home, and from the location we knew it was only an hour max, i have sent the new NIP back stating that i must have been driving an apoligising for time wasting, it was a genuine mistake. I hope they realise that.
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