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Full Version: Licence return from DVLA
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Captain A
Can anyone tell me if there is a 'normal' time it takes the DVLA to amend your licence (putting points on, unfortunately) and then returning it to you. I have been waiting for several months.
Should be about three to four weeks, six at the outside.

They used to say 3-4 weeks but thats only quoted for V5 docs now.
What if you are stopped by the plod in the meantime?
He should have been given a receipt for it when he handed it over.

thats one to note. Never hand over your licence to anybody even the court unless they give you a receipt incorporating the number.
Captain A
17th February 2004 - nearly four months ago - and still no return of my licence. I have written to them, unable to give my driver number (as I don't have it now), but giving my name and address.

It's very easy to say that I should have asked for a receipt - but it was a COURT for heavens' sake, why should I expect that a system so well organised that they can prosecute me from a great distance can not keep track of my driving licence ?

Seriously please, what do I do now ?
Did you not get a reply when you wrote?
You could phone them but it takes for ever to get a human.
what ever you do give as much detail as possible

Captain A
DW190 - no reply to date. My concern is, if I get asked to produce my documents within 7 days - what do I say ?
I would just do another letter. Include

Address Previouse address if less that three years at present
Date of Court Hearing were they took you licence include court ref if poss

Also copy letter to clerk of the court.

Send by fax e-mail and post. The letter to DVLA by Special Delivery then you know they got it.

Dont mention how many points you were given. If its been lost by the court you may end up with a clean licence (well as clean as before it went)

if you get a producer you can only produce what docs you have in you possession. Did you receive anything from the court regarding your conviction?
Captain A
Thx - I will do what you suggest and will keep you informed.

Did you get the gist of the Brown v Stott re S172 ?
Here's the real con:

If your licence has been lost or stolen, whether by you, your cat, the post office, or even DVLA, YOU can be held liable for PAYING FOR a replacement. Your household insurance might theoretically cover it, but less than the excess...

I was summonsed when a producer went wrong; my solicitor had given me a receipt for my licence (unrelated & non-motoring matter) but had misplaced it in her filing chaos.

I got an adjournment to enable to me apply for a new one, and got stiffed for the £17.50 fee. Oh, and costs.
Apply for a duplicate now and see if your points went on at all.
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