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Full Version: court summons with lots of paper work! help!
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I was zapped by a camara doing 37 in a 30 zone on 24th december 2006. I filled in a PACE statment and sent it off. Just got the court summon today and have to appear in court on the 19th June unsure.gif . Got witness statments from two camera technicians,admin clerk and a police officer but no photograph of my car. Also £35 court cost's if I back out now mad.gif Is this still within the time frame?
It's within time. They would have to lay information with the courts by the 24th June (for the speeding conviction), since you have had the summons they clearly have done that. The actual court case can happens months (or even years) later and does not have to be within the 6 month period.
should I ask for the photo as it was not included in any of the paperwork?
AIUI you are not entitled to any evidence until you enter a plea. If you ask nicely tho you may get the photo's but there's plenty of time for that if your going not guilty.
Ask for the full session video after you plead not guilty.They don`t like giving these out as it often shows mistakes,read through the stickies about how to request this.
got the court summon today and have to appear in court on the 19th June
Can you confirm the summons is for speeding? If it is, keep your head down wrt the photo! They will need to disclose it prior to any trial .................... and without it .......................
If its the pre trial (where they CPS hand out the evidence) do you have to show up or can you plead guilty by post and ask them to post the evidance there going to use against you at the proper trial ?

Be carefull, I was summonds and thought it was to fight the case, but all it was is so the CPS can provide you with the video / picture that there going to use later.
Ring the court and find out was it is your being summonds for !
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