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Full Version: caught by helicopter using vascar
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I was out with two other motorcyclists when we passed a parked up patrol car. we continued riding at a steady pace whilst keeping an eye on our mirrors for any sign of the patrol car giving chase.About three miles after passing the patrol car I spotted the helicopter close behind at very low altitude and pointed this out to the other two.After another three miles we were pulled into a layby by a police motorcyclist who told us that the helicopter had timed me between two marks on the road using vascar,my average speed over two tenths of a mile was eighty two mph in a sixty limit.Based on my alleged speed and that we were travelling in convoy at equally spaced distances, the other two lads were also cautioned and reported for the offence.All three of us have opted to go to court rather than take the fixed penalty.We are now looking for any advice and information that might help us in our fight for justice! THE ROAD WE WERE ON WAS THE A4212 TRAWSFYNYDD TO BALA (PAST THE LAKE) IN GWYNEDD NORTH WALES. ALSO BE WATCHFUL ON THE A5 IN THIS AREA,ESPECIALLY ON WEEKENDS.
What next? a helicopter following you making sure you dont drop litter!
I wonder how much fuel it used to bag these 3 minor speeding offences.
I was thinking about getting another bike, but i know how hard it is to stay within the law,even when trying.
The cost of the helicopter alone is £1500 per hour.
There may be an oversight by the police in their evidence, we will have to wait for your summons and the prosecutions disclosures, to find out.
They have probably got you on camera with police officers as witnesses, so I can't see much chance for anything other than a technical defence.

QUOTE (twsog @ Sun, 15 Apr 2007 - 12:07) *
The cost of the helicopter alone is £1500 per hour.

I bet that you were caught in a NICE biking area, were the police have targeted bikes to ether slow bikers down, or to get the word out in the bike community that that area is a no go area for a blast on the bike on a sunny day. I am sure all you known now know to stay away!!!!! icon_hang.gif
I would WANT to see the full session video and any authorisation they have to carry out
these speed checks from a chopper.
Thats a £36`000.00 per day "Habit" they have there,wasting tax payers money on trivial pursuit
is not what I work 5 months of the year for.
angry.gif angry5.gif angryfire.gif

In response to smurf powers comments about it probably bieng a nice biking area and that we should now know better and stay away from the area,maybe I should have explained that we live locally and were caught only a few miles from our homes.who's side are you on anyway?
Rob S
I was under the impression that if they are using VASCAR they can only time one vehicle at a time? Am I correct on thinking this?
The cops seem confident that because we were travelling "in convoy and equally spaced"(their words) they have enough evidence to convict all three of us.I was the middle bike and could easily have been accellerating while the bike in front and behind were maintaining a steady lower speed.If and when the cops give me a copy of their video evidence the other two lads might be able to prove this. We reckon that the cops were hoping that we'd just take the fixed penalty quietly
Normal; practice is for a Pre-fed distance to be measured -This is usually done by the local authority painting square marks on the road surface at a known distance. This distance is fed into the vascar, the operator just as to time your vehicle over the pre measured distance to obtain an average speed.

Last summer a case in the Dyfed area in similar circumstances- four bikes running together- all in close proximety-I.e you could have thrown a blanked over them-- Ave speed over pre fed distance of one of the bikes 108+ -- All four were subsequently summonsed & disqualified.
As fatboytim has indicated, they will likley have the incident on video.
You will therefore be reliant on some form of technical / procedural defence.
You're probably stuffed unless you get a specialist motoring solicitor.
Clear Skies
QUOTE (twsog @ Sun, 15 Apr 2007 - 12:07) *
The cost of the helicopter alone is £1500 per hour.

I think the cost is a little less than that, at around 500,000 per annum,.None the less a huge amount of money.

Never forget, they are happy to take our taxes to keep their tax mobile airborn , but unwilling to part with any serious cash to support the air ambulances .

yes they are usefull to crack down on dens, find missing people and so on, but to stop a few bikes at ONLY 80 mph, is bordering on daft.. (one heli, two cars ! ) You must of been the fastest on the road for the day or they would of been otherwise engaged.

Can anyone tell me whether that by asking for more disclosure of evidence than the cops are indicating that they intend to produce at court,will I inccur heavier costs if found guilty?
Last Man In Europe
I was 'caught' in a similar situation by Wiltshire Police's pork chopper in 2004. Triple-digit high score. I didn't hear (or see - it was behind me) the helicoptor at all and the first I knew of it was when two marked cars penned me in at a petrol station in my home town.

Fortunatly, I was well-connected enough to be able pacify the situation and after a communual chuckle was informed that 'we don't use helicoptor evidence (for speeding) in court anyway as it's nearly always sub-standard'.

I could hear the pilot getting angry on the 'net because he could hear what was going on. I think even the PC found his 'dedication' funny.

I'd go for full disclusure - It may discredit something that they intend to rely on (think about it).
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