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Full Version: Merseyside scammerati
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Merseyside scammers have been busy this week in their new van on Southport Rd, Bootle, they park on the railwaybridge part by Hornby Rd and shoot down towards the Northfield Rd roundabout, both sides of the dual carriageway as signposted both ends. (just for anyone who travels this road, see their website for length and other areas covered)

I was under the impression that they had to form prior opinion and would like to ask the more learned boarders can they form prior opinion just sat behind the camera watching the little screen that juts out from the side or should they be physically looking and then record the speed.

From watching him for a while he did not once look away from the screen and I got the impression that he was just scamming everyone at a certain point.

Is there a legal defence if this is what they are doing?


Rule #1: Scammers lie

Unfortunately, they will claim to have formed "prior opinion" regardless of whether or not that is true.

We should also add a rule number two "Magistrates believe them" as it is pretty much always the case.
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